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Houston Texas Medical Weight Loss Program

Ready to lose some weight and keep it off? Extra weight contributes significantly to health problems and worsens a number of pre-existing conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism and heart disease. Shedding those pounds can help you recover the vitality and energy that you have been missing in your life. The Texas Age Management Institute of Houston is proud to offer a number of medical weight loss programs to Houston patients. Dr. David Jeyaraj is experienced at helping patients lose weight.

90 percent of patients that have enrolled in the medical weight loss programs have lost weight and successfully kept the weight off.

Customized Medical Weight Loss Programs

Appetite Suppressants Houston Texas Medical Weight Loss Program

HCG Injection Houston Texas Area Rapid Medical Weight Loss Program

Nutritional Counseling Houston Texas Rapid Medical Weight Loss Program
Houston Texas Medical Weight Loss Program Bio-Identical Hormones
Houston Texas Medical Weight Loss Program Hypothyroid Underactive Thyroid

The Process: Medical Weight Loss Programs

Step 1: Consultation

Our medical weight loss programs are custom tailored for you. Dr. Jeyaraj will review your physical and medical history, current diet, mental status and weight and then use this information to develop a personal plan to help you lose weight and get back to feeling great again.

Step 2: Examination

After your consultation, Dr. Jeyaraj will perform a basic examination and may also examine your thyroid, heart and lungs depending on how healthy you are and your current age.
From here, Dr. Jeyaraj will determine if additional testing is required. Additional testing for the medical weight loss programs may include Thyroid testing, an EKG, and hormone level tests.

The Texas Age Management Institute of Houston offers multiple plans for medical weight loss. These plans use different methods, from receiving daily HCG medically prescribed injections in our Houston office to kick your weight loss into high gear, to appetite control medication.

Step 3: Your Personalized Medical Weight Loss Program

Based on the results of your examination and diagnosis, Dr. Jeyaraj will then develop a personal medical weight loss program tailored to your medical history and personal health. Before prescribing injections, or any other medication, we will educate you on the risks and benefits of using them. You will receive regular counseling at our Houston clinic.

The Texas Age Management Institute of Houston’s medical weight loss programs are a great set of methods to deal with your obesity, diabetes, s-syndrome, metabolic disorder, digestive disorder, hormonal and thyroid disorders, and polycystic ovarian disease. These medical weight loss programs has over 25 years of experience and proven success at helping Greater Houston area residents lose weight, and maintain their weight loss.


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